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Which devices does this product support?

iOS - iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and up, iPad Mini 4 and up, iPhone 6s and later

Android - Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up


How long will my robot's battery last?

A fully charged battery provides approximately two hours play time.


How long does it take to charge my robot?

It takes one hour to fully charge the robot.


When charging, what does the charging LED signify?

1) Solid Red = charging 2) Solid Green = Fully Charged 3)Blinking Green and Red = Battery issue. Check to make sure the batteries have been inserted properly into the compartments located in your Stormtrooper's feet.The robot is powered on


What does the chest light signify?

The blinking red chest light shows that the robot is powered ON.


Does the chest light change color?

No, the chest light does not change color.


Where is the on/off switch?

The ON/OFF switch is located on the back of the Stormtrooper robot, at waist level. Moving the switch to right will turn your robot ON. Moving the switch to left will turn your robot OFF.


Where do I plug in the battery charging cable?

The charging port is the located inside the black circle on the left side of your Stormtrooper's back.


Where is the Wi-Fi Reset button located?

The Reset button (oval shaped) is located on the right side of your Stormtrooper's back. To reset your robot, press and hold the button for 10 seconds.


Where is the speaker located?

The speaker is located on the front left side of your Stormtrooper's chest.


Are the batteries on the Robot removable or replaceable?

Yes. The two batteries, located in compartments in your Stormtrooper's feet, are removable and replaceable.


Is Wi-Fi required for the First Order Stormtrooper Robot experience?

You will need to connect your Stormtrooper to a local Wi-Fi network during first time setup, and to receive an initial firmware update. After your robot has been setup and updated for the first time, you will be able to connect directly to him without the need for Wi-Fi.


Is the blaster functional?

No, the blaster is a non-functional accessory that the Stormtrooper can hold in its left hand.


Does my Stormtrooper robot have a microphone?

Yes. Two microphones are used for sound detection, and a third microphone located on the front of the Stormtrooper's helmet is used for voice recognition.


Does my Stormtrooper robot have a video camera?

Yes. The camera is located on the visor of your Stormtrooper's helmet.


Can I connect my First Order Stormtrooper Robot to more than one smart device at a time?

No. Each First Order Stormtrooper Robot has a unique SSID which can only be connected to one smart device at a time


What does my Stormtrooper Robot do when I turn it on?

Every time you turn ON your Stormtrooper Robot, he will perform an "equipment check" to calibrate his motors and sensors. It's best to let him complete his equipment check before launching the App.


What does the infrared sensor do?

The infrared sensors use reflected infrared light to detect the edge of an elevated surface, like a table or desk, to help prevent your Stormtrooper Robot from falling.


What surfaces are best for the robot to walk on?

Flat, slightly textured surfaces; on tables and floors are ideal. The First Order Stormtrooper Robot will not walk well on very slippery surfaces like highly polished marble or concrete. Carpeted surfaces are also not recommended.


How far can it walk in SENTRY mode?

Currently, it can walk as far as the gridded map shown in CREATE PATROL.


Is the Stormtrooper water proof?

Unfortunately the First Order Stormtrooper Robot is not waterproof.


How do you reset your Robot's internal Wi-Fi connection?

To reset your robot's internal Wi-Fi connection, press and hold down the "Wi-Fi reset button" for 12 seconds on the back of the Robot until the Stormtrooper says its unique ID number


What are the languages supported?

Currently English, Chinese and 12 other languages are supported. Please check our web site for more details.


My Robot does not respond when I interact with the App. How can I fix this problem?

1) Make sure your robot and smart device are fully charged, and that your robot is powered ON.

2) Make sure your robot and your smart device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3) Turn OFF your robot, then turn it back ON. Close your App, then reopen it. Then, follow the connection instructions to reconnect your robot.

What do I do if my First Order Stormtrooper Robot stops working?

1) Check to see if the Robot is fully charged

2) Try powering the Robot off and on

3) Force quit the First Order Stormtrooper app and reconnect to your robot. If you still experience problems with your First Order Stormtrooper Robot, please contact our customer service at



I want to take my robot outside the range of my local Wi-Fi network. What should I do?

You will need to put your robot in Direct Connect mode for it to work outside the WiFi connection zone. You must already had the robot Wi-Fi connected during the initial setup to assure the robot is updated to the most current software release. Then Open the APP Once checking finish, click button "CONNECTION HELP" and follow the prompts at the connection fail scene, remember choose "DIRECT CONNECT" button in the next scene.


I'm at my friend's house and my robot won't connect to my App. What can I do?

You can connect your robot through your friend's local Wi-Fi network or connect directly to your robot. To do this, turn your robot ON, then launch the App. When your robot fails to connect select the following options in order: CONTINUE > YES, MY ROBOT IS REPEATING HIS OPERATING NUMBERS, then choose either the SETUP WI-FI CONNECTION or DIRECT CONNECT option.


What happens if your smart device automatically connects to a 5G Network?

Simply select the 2.4Ghz network that appears in the devices WiFi setting and enter the password. If it does not show up, you can hit refresh network list or go to your router settings webpage to make sure the 2.4Ghz WiFi is enabled.


My robot said "channel secured" but did not connect to my App. What should I do?

Your robot can say "channel secured" for several reasons as his differernt components connect. If your robot does not connect properly, turn the robot OFF, then back ON and relaunch the App.


I mistyped Network password, what should I do?

Simply follow the prompts on the screen to get RE-SETUP ROBOT process.


If you input the right password and the robot says "connection secured", but the app says "connection failed", what do I do?

First, hit the "continue" button to go next scene which have button "RETRY CONNECTION","CONNECTION HELP", and "SETUP aA NEW ROBOT".

1. Go your device wifi setting to check if wifi is correct for connection, then turn back to app and click button "retry connection".

2. If step 1 can't fix this case, please click button "CONNECTION HELP" for the further help.

What should I turn on first, my Stormtrooper robot or the Stormtrooper App?

It's always best to turn on your robot, wait for him to complete his "equipment check," then launch the App. If you launch your App too early, it may try to connect to your robot before he is ready. In this case, just select the RETRY CONNECTION option after he fails to connect the first time.


If switching between WiFi and Direct Connect causes the robot not to start, what should I do?

Make sure the smart device and robot are fully charged because this will affect the start-up process.


The Stormtrooper App froze when I was setting up my robot for the first time. What should I do?

Turn OFF your robot and close the App. Then turn ON your robot and relaunch the App.


The red light on my Stormtrooper's chest is not flashing after he completes his "equipment check. What do I do?

Turn OFF your robot, then turn him back on. If that doesn’t work, your robot's battery needs to be fully charged.



What is TRAINING mode?

Choose TRAINING from the Select Assignment menu to combine animations and phrases to Create New Actions, Manage your Actions or to take your Stormtrooper on a Practice run.


What is a PRACTICE run?

You can deploy your Stormtrooper on Practice runs. During Practice mode, you control your robot with the companion app, moving him around and triggering any custom Actions you created.


What is SENTRY mode?

Choose SENTRY from the Select Assignment menu to create and execute custom patrols. Set up check points with passwords and facial scans in order to ensure your space is fully guarded.


How far can my robot walk in SENTRY mode?

Your Stormtrooper can patrol an area of 5 ft x 5 ft (maximum.)


How many patrols can I save in SENTRY mode?

You can save up to 4 custom patrol paths.


What my Stormtrooper’s main function in SENTRY Mode?

In SENTRY mode, your trooper is assigned to patrol the area and ensure there are no intruders..


What is the grid used for in SENTRY mode?

The patrol grid represents the real-world 5 ft x 5 ft area around your Stormtrooper robot. Touching squares in the grid allows you to create a patrol path, assigning a patrol action to your trooper that he will perform when he reaches that point in the patrol path.


How do I make my Stormtrooper request a password if he sees an intruder?

Tap any square in your patrol path (except the last square) until it changes to a shield icon. Shield icons represent checkpoints at which your Stormtrooper will stop to look for intruders. If your Stormtrooper detects an intruder he will request the password you select from the password list (to the right of the grid.)


Can my Stormtrooper use facial recognition while on patrol?

Yes. If your First Order Stormtrooper detects movement at a Checkpoint, he will ask the intruder to "step forward" and submit to a face scan. He will recognize any of the scanned faces in your I.D. library (up to four faces including your own).


How far can my Stormtrooper detect faces?

The optimal position for face detection is at eye level to the Stormtrooper and 6-10 inches away. Hint: If your Stormtrooper demands a face scan while patrolling on a floor, pick him up and position him in the optimal position instead of dropping to the floor to line up your face.


What is MISSION Mode?

Choose MISSION from the Select Assignment menu to deploy your Stormtrooper to the planet Jakku on an AR mission against Resistance targets.


How do you move around the Mission map?

Select any square on the grid, then tap the arrow icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen to advance your Stormtrooper to that location.


How is my Stormtrooper's blaster used in MISSION Mode?

When your Stormtrooper uses his blaster during Mission mode, he will raise his blaster in sync with those actions.


What are the yellow symbols rotating on the Mission Map?

They are symbols of the Resistance. When you move your trooper to a map location occupied by a Resistance symbol, you will encounter a mission objective. Completing all of your mission objectives will end the mission successfully.


What are the white objects floating on the Mission Map?

They are data tapes that contain intel on the Resistance. Collect as many as you can!



Can I edit/delete face scans that I've already saved?

Yes. To delete a scan, tap the 'X' icon nearest to the snapshot of the scanned face you want to remove.


How many faces can I scan and save?

You can save up to four scanned faces. One assigned to the Commander slot and three faces for your friends and family - as a part of the First Order or as a enemy Resistance member (siblings beware!)